Elevate Your Education with the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship


Are you ready to take your education to new heights? The University of Calgary beckons with its International Entrance Scholarship, an opportunity that opens doors for high-achieving students worldwide. This prestigious scholarship is designed for those who aspire to study at one of Canada’s top universities but may have financial constraints. In this guide, we’ll explore the nuances of the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship, from its overview to eligibility criteria and the application process.

University of Calgary: A Global Academic Hub

An Overview

Founded on a commitment to excellence, the University of Calgary stands as a beacon of academic prowess. For students seeking a world-class education in Canada, the university offers a diverse and enriching environment.

International Entrance Scholarship Overview

The International Entrance Scholarship at the University of Calgary is a testament to the institution’s dedication to global education. Tailored for high school graduates entering their undergraduate journey, this scholarship aims to alleviate financial barriers, enabling students to embark on a transformative educational experience.

Scholarship Details

A Generous Offer

This scholarship provides a substantial sum of $20,000 directly into the recipient’s bank account, exclusively for the first year. For a four-year course, this scholarship is renewable each year, potentially reaching a total of $60,000 over the course duration.

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Renewal Criteria

To qualify for the scholarship renewal in the second, third, and fourth years, the student must:

  • Continue to pay the international differential tuition fee.
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.60 or higher.
  • Accumulate a minimum of 24.00 units over the previous fall and winter terms.

Payment Structure

The scholarship amount is disbursed equally for the fall and winter terms. Payments are scheduled for the end of August (fall term) and the end of December (winter term).

Eligibility and Selection

Who Can Apply?

International students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents and are seeking admission to any Bachelor’s degree program are eligible. Applicants must also meet the university’s English Language Proficiency requirements.

Selection Process

Applications undergo scrutiny by an admissions committee, evaluating academic excellence and achievements during secondary education. Two outstanding applicants are selected for the scholarship, with notifications sent out by March/April.

Application Process

Your Path to Success

  1. Create a Student ID: Begin by logging into the student portal and creating a student ID.
  2. Navigate to “My Financials”: Under the “My Financials” section, select “Apply for Undergraduate Awards” and choose the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship.
  3. Complete the Form: Fill out the application form with the necessary documents to be considered for this prestigious scholarship.
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For a detailed, step-by-step application process, visit the official page and start your application journey.

Important Dates

For specific deadlines related to different terms (fall, winter, spring, summer), you can check the official deadlines.

Final Words

Since 1965, the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship has been a gateway to academic excellence for students worldwide. It has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships, making dreams of studying at a world-class university in Canada a reality. Could you be the next recipient? Explore this opportunity and set the stage for a transformative educational journey.

Official Website: University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

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